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We love being able to offer a reward point program for our customers!
Loyalty Lustres are essentially reward points, which customers gain from doing various things such as placing orders or referring a friend. We have Loyalty Lustres on both our US & AU website, but the balances are not interchangeable between the two (more below).

How do I get Loyalty Lustres?

Easily! Loyalty Lusters (points) are awarded for creating an account, making a purchase, referring a friend, following us on social media and more!
You can see the different ways to gain Loyalty Lustres by opening the Loyalty Rewards tab at the bottom of the page. 

How many are awarded for each option?

You can view these via the Loyalty Rewards tab as well :)
Creating an account on the website: 50 Lustres
When you place an order: These are issued after payment is made. Every $1 spent awards 2 Lustres to your account. Points are deducted for any cancellations/refunds of the order.
Referring a friend: 50 Lustres
Birthday time! 250 Lustres (enter your birthday via the Loyalty rewards tab and note you must enter your DOB at least 1 month beforehand to gain these Lustres)
Sharing our website on FB: 50 Lustres (awards first time only)
Sharing our website on Twitter: 50 Lustres (awards first time only)
Following us on Instagram: 50 Lustres (awards first time only)

How does the referral program work?

You can refer friends via the Loyalty Rewards tab. This option (referring a friend) will invite them to our US shop by sending them a link via Facebook, Twitter, or email. You will gain 50 Lustres for your account, and your friend will get a 10% off coupon for their first purchase - nice!

When your friend clicks on your unique referring link it'll bring the reward window up automatically, asking to enter their email for the discount code.
Once they enter their email it's checked against our current customer accounts. The referred friend only gets the discount if they are a new customer. Once the email has been verified as a new customer, your friend will get a discount code.:

How do I view my balance? it's not shown in my account.

Currently your Lustre balance is only shown via the Loyalty Rewards tab at the bottom of the page.

How do I redeem my Loyalty Lustres?

Start by opening the Loyalty Rewards tab at the bottom of the page. If you click 'Spend Your Loyalty Lustres' several options become available, and you can pick from them depending on your balance. 
The option you pick will issue you a specific coupon code, which is also emailed to you. Apply this code during your next purchase for a discount.

I'm not gaining Lustres - what's happening?

Please make sure that when you check out ont he site - it's NOT as a guest. You must be logged in for your Lustres. 
If you are not earning points for referred friends, please verify that your friend used the referral coupon code when checking out. This is how accounts are linked together.
If neither of these seem to be the culprit - please contact us!

Can I use my Loyalty Lustres on the AU website?

No, any Lustres you gain from the US website can only be used on the US website; same goes for the AU website.