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Where to Shop

Our Australian online store is the central hub for indie cosmetic & lacquer distribution within Australia - home to over 40 unique and amazing small cosmetic lines. You are currently visiting our US online store, where inventory is dispatched directly to the buyer from our secure US distribution warehouse. If you would like to visit our AU store, go here

Both our AU and USA webstores ship internationally, however there are benefits to either one. 

Our AU website offers:

  • A selection of over 40 artisan brands to shop with; over 2,500 unique products made by hand. 
  • Worldwide shipping; however there is a 10 bottle limit with polish shipments due to DHL requirements. 
  • Monthly presales for Femme Fatale brand lacquer. Units are made to order. 
  • Lower prices for many of the FF products as they are produced in Australia, and not subject to extra shipping, warehouse, distribution fees and taxes. 

Our US website offers:

  • Premade inventory of Femme Fatale polishes; all stock is on hand and can be shipped within 48 hours. 
  • New shades released same-time as our AUS presale (so you can get these colours faster!)
  • International shipping without restriction, so you can buy 1 bottle - or 10!
  • USD payment for customer convenience.